Becoming Bridge Builders

How to Help Your Child Who Is struggling In School

June 02, 2022 Keith Haney Season 3 Episode 95
Becoming Bridge Builders
How to Help Your Child Who Is struggling In School
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Show Notes

Are you a parent whose children are struggling in school? Are you a  teacher looking for suggestions for children who might be "behind" in their reading? Then this is the episode for you.  Join me and my guest Lois Letchford.  

Lois provides inspiration, motivation, and hope for others who faced desperate situations.  She recognized her “learning difference” at the age of 39 when teaching her second son to read. 
Through determination and grit, I lived to see the fruits of my labor. 
I share with listeners the power of “following instincts,” mindset, and the value of living in the moment. 

She is the co-founder of Teaching Students with Dyslexia Writing & Reading Program.
Reversed:  A Memoir is her first book. 

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